iFly and Heru Sails Wing Sail (Tutorial iFLY15 Academy)

iFLY15 and Heru Sails wing sail – HOW TO

Learn all about the iFLY15 Heru Wingsail.

Hoisting and storing.

Take advantage of the aerodynamic superiority of a wing rig compared to a conventional sail and still have a rig quite as easy to use.

The patented technology allows to avoid the disadvantages of a rigid wing, that cannot reasonably be used in everyday private sailing.

The Heru Softwing is easy to hoist and store. It is rollable like a conventional sail.

The wing is floating, due to watertight volume between the layers, making it safe and very easy to righten after a capsize.

Advantage through technology.

We like SPEED while keeping CONTROL.

For further information, see:
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For those of you that might be interested in using our technology, there are different possible types of licence and collaboration……..more