CHS Fluido / GT2Wing Soft Wing

On 1st February 2016 the three-year joint venture between Challenger Sails and Heru Sails has ended.

The joint venture was aimed at putting on the market soft wing sails based on the technology
developed and patented by Heru Sails.

Heru Sails will continue to project, realize and sell soft wing sails under its own brand name and through licensee brands.

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A partire dal 1 febbraio 2016 termina la Joint Venture triennale tra la Challenger Sails e la Heru Sails
per la messa in commercio di vele alari da windsurf basate sulla tecnologia brevettata e sviluppata dalla Heru Sails.

Heru Sails continuerà a progettare, realizzare e commercializzare vele alari sotto il proprio marchio e tramite Brand Licenziatari.

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In 2013 Heru Sails and Challenger Sails signed a three-year partnership agreement to produce and sell a Soft Wing Sail with Variable Profile for windsurf.

With over 30 years of experience, Challenger Sails has proven to be one of the few
sail-makers in the world to have understood and grasped the opportunity given by our
patented technology, destined to foster crucial changes both in the windsurf market
and in the sailing domain.

Exclusive owner of several international patents, the trademarks of Heru Sails are
represented by the founder’s 30 year experience in the field and the new partners’
skills. Thanks to the CAD technology employed to create our wing sails and to the
many tests carried out, Heru Sails has become the worldwide leader in terms of soft
wing sails with variable profile.


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For those of you that might be interested in using our technology, there are different possible types of licence and collaboration……..more





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