Patented Technology

US Patent No. 6892659
available on United States Patent Trademark Office

With its longstanding experience Heru Sails is specialised in the design, manufacture and testing of variable profile wing sails.


It is thanks to hundreds of prototypes, thousands of hours spent on the design, development and testing of functioning prototypes that today it is possible to achieve a level of knowledge that is unique in its kind.

One of our objectives is therefore the consolidation of this knowledge to make the designing of variable profile wing sails more intuitive and simple, based on our patented technology.

This knowledge is today represented by the human capital of Heru Sails and its Partners and could soon be made available for just a few selected partners who, acknowledging the exceptional value of our patented technology, want to take advantage of its knowledge by realising a high performance and technologically unique product like our variable profile flexible Wing.

IMG_5660Our variable profile flexible Wing is in fact unique in its kind insofar as it looks like a traditional sail as far materials and type of construction go, but thanks to its double sealed surface it is able to take on equally asymmetrical profiles independently from the tack.

Our Wing can be used on most existing rigs, generally not requiring any modification of any structural components except when absolutely necessary for an optimal performance (e.g. spreaders have to be checked), as in fact we design it to be adapted to the rigs and not vice versa.






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