Aerodinamic features for 2016/2017 season

Heru Sail is one of the most advanced soft wing sail makers on the market

We are really focused on R&D

Check our latest soft wing sail for windsurf that Marco ITA108 will start to test at Garda Lake in the following weeks.
Wing Sail Size: 9.3 sqm
Mast: 490+35 or 520+5
Boom: 242
Double surface: 60%
Total Battens: 13 (5 double battens)
Total spacers: 15 (10 spacer for main airfoil and 5 for middle airfoil)
Total weight: 8.5kgs without carbon battens

Aerodinamic features for 2016/2017 season:
– low drag progressive airfoils
– all double battens with Fence pocket battens technology
– first panel with Vortex Generator technology
– Winglet

2017/2018 features:
– Leading-edge Fences
– Leading-edge Slats


vortex-generator_00 vortex-generator_01 vortex-generator_02 vortex-generator_03






For those of you that might be interested in using our technology, there are different possible types of licence and collaboration……..more


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